Roscoe Reid: A Law Firm Built Around People

  • Roscoe Reid are dedicated to providing high quality Service and advice. Roscoe Reid put your interests at the heart of everything they do.
  • Roscoe Reid understand how important it is for you to air your claim for equal pay and you want to do it as quickly as possible. They want to do everything in their power to help you achieve this.
  • Roscoe Reid are confident that they will secure equality of pay for you. For that reason, Roscoe Reid they will take your case on a “no win no fee” fee agreement.
  • Roscoe Reid are used to dealing with large corporates such as Morrisons. They have the resources and expertise to ensure you will be on an equal footing.

Who are Pay Justice?

  • Pay Justice have the expertise, knowledge and track record to help you make a claim. Pay expertise should be in the hands of employees, not just employers.
  • Pay Justice is committed to helping you claim your rights. We aim to provide the tools, information and expert advice to enable you to overcome the barriers to making equal pay claims
  • Pay Justice are passionate about helping employees claim equal pay. The law relies on individuals making equal pay claims.

We believe the current UK gender pay gap is wrong.


I set up my first business helping small UK businesses with various business and marketing tasks. After a couple of years working on various projects I co-founded Pay Justice Ltd where my current focus lies. One of my main goals is to empower employees by making them aware of their legal entitlement. In order to overcome the many barriers, I use my expertise in online marketing to make the law as accessible and user friendly as I can.

Paul has worked for over 18 years as a consultant to many organisations regarding how to pay people fairly and effectively. Frustrated by the fact that advice wasn’t also available to employees. Paul was a founder of Pay Justice with the explicit aim of helping people overcome the barrier to fair pay. Prior to this, Paul had a very diverse career including first working in child protection, managing charities and working in TV and films as a documentary producer.

Laurence began his career as an accountant then made a career transition joining Hays Specialist Recruitment in 1982. As a raw consultant Laurence made significant contributions to the growth of Hays from a small entrepreneurial endeavour to a market-leading specialist recruitment consultancy. Laurence has had several other business ventures since his success at Hays and is now one of four directors at Pay Justice, a team passionate about helping employees claim equal pay and redundancy pay.

Steven is redefining the future of digital content consumption and customer interaction with Pay Justice and automated business messaging. Steven has crafted groundbreaking functional Chatbot products for enterprise brands worldwide as part of the world’s premier bot building agency. He has built bots with world class partners such as MEC and for leading brands like Trinity Mirror and Paramount Pictures.


Pay Consultants

Nathan has a great interest in digital marketing, specifically social media marketing strategies. Nathan has completed a Msc Digital Marketing degree at the University of Salford in order to improve his knowledge in this area. Nathan is responsible for using data analysis to organise and implement marketing campaigns, managing budgets, reporting on campaigns and managing business relationships.


Ellie is an undergraduate student entering her final year of studying International Business at the University of Leeds. She has spent the past year in the USA studying at the University of Minnesota as an exchange student. She is currently on an intern placement at Pay Justice for the summer and is keen to work in brand management and business strategy when she graduates next year. Her key roles include managing the advertising campaigns.


Alexia is a BA Hons English Literature graduate from The University of Manchester with a strong interest in gender equality within the workplace. Having experience in the field of journalism, Alexia has an eye for detail. Her main roles and responsibilities include creating marketing ad copy. Alongside Karolina, Alexia is the latest member to join the Pay Justice team.


Nikolay is currently studying Software Engineering & Programming  at the University of Manchester. Nikolay has extensive practical and theoretical experience in development, and software engineering and is keen to implement and further these skills. Alongside Ramal, Nikolay is the latest member to join the Pay Justice team. 


Ramal is a student at The University of Salford studying Business Information Technology. Ramal has a passion for implementing her skills in both marketing and technology for the purpose of providing the services to fight for equal pay. Alongside Nikolay, Ramal is the latest member to join the Pay Justice team.


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Please be assured that strong victimisation laws are in place to protect you from any negative action being taken against you for bringing an equal pay claim. If you have any concerns about this or any other questions about the claim, you can call us and speak to our legal team in confidence.